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Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle - 40KPH Max Speed - 95KM Range - 2000W Motor - 24 Month Warranty

Introducing the ultimate electric one-wheeled single-person transport. The Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle is the definition of cool. With a quick top speed of 40 Kph, you'll turn heads and make new friends with this lean green music machine.

What else is in the box?
Charger (UK & EU Adapter included)
24 Month Warranty

24 Month Warranty

The warranty covers the motor, battery, charger, frame, mudguards, computer.

Monday to Friday After Sales Care

After Sales Care is available Monday to Friday for warranty enquiries 

Fully Tested before dispatch

We perform a checklist test before your e-unicycle is dispatched. 

Free & Fast Delivery

Quick delivery with Yodel.co.uk, and full tracking notifications along the way.

Manual, Tools, Charger Included

95% already assembled in the box. 

Top E-Unicycle Features:

Quick 40 Kph max speed, 95 Km Range, and a powerful 2000-Watt Motor

Front Angled View of a Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle
Ultimate Unicycle Design
Loaded with all the top tech, the Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle offers a unique riding experience that is fun and easy. Quick to learn you'll glide along in style.

Not only does it propel you along you can create unique coloured light patterns and play your favourite music as you ride. Start a revolution.
Side View of a Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle
Key Features:
  • 40 Km/h Speed for Quick Journeys (Regulated to 25 Km/h)
  • Up to a 95 Km Range
  • Powerful 2000 Watt Motor
  • 120 Kg Max Ride Weight
  • Chunky 16" Tyre for Ride Comfort
  • Sleek and Stylish Black Finish
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Inmotion App Compatible
Close Up View of a Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle
Ultimate Riding Experience
Thanks to a powerful motor, not only does the Inmotion V10F reach speeds of 40 Km/h, it has a huge range of 95 Km. Meaning you won't be charging this bad boy very often. When you do, it's an 8-hour charge or ‘one sleep’ as it's known in the business.

Hills aren't an issue either as you can easily glide with ease up a hill gradient of up to 30°. Lean forward and away you go.

The Inmotion V10F can take a full ride weight of 120 Kg allowing you to carry all your gear.
Side View of a Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle
Create Your Own Style
As well as all your ride data the Inmotion app allows you to customize the Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle. With thousands of colours available at your fingertips, no two V10F's are ever the same.

And once you've got your design down, you can pump out your favourites tunes as the V10F features a pair of speakers, Bluetooth controlled of course. It's All in the Details.

A 5w Front LED light shines the way forward, allowing after dark riding. Once you've dismounted you can use the suitcase styled handle to pull the unicycle along. Completely portable and ultimately practical.

A 16" tyre keeps the bumps to a minimum offering a smooth ride as you glide into your day.
Back Angled View of a Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle
Feel Secure as You Ride
Each foot panel features a rubber grip to keep your feet connected to the unicycle, while the side has soft microfibre leather pads for your legs delivering pure riding comfort.

The Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycleis delivers a unique and eco-friendly way of getting about. Completely unique it offers an extension of your persona. Get one today and gain ultimate freedom.
Back View of a Inmotion V10F Electric Unicycle
Type: Adult Electric Unicycle
Max Speed: 40 Km/h
Max Range per Charge: Up to 95 Km (59 Miles)
Battery: 12.8Ah 960Wh
Max Load: 120 Kg Motor
Power: 2000 Watts
Tyre: 16" Anti-Skid Charging
Time: 8 Hours Max
Climbing Angle: 30°
Product Weight: 20.6 Kg
Size: 52.85 x 62.35 x 15 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is delivery?

The Inmotion V10F delivery is 1 to 2 business days and we use Yodel.co.uk
We will send you a delivery confirmation email once dispatched with the tracking number and courier so you can track it the whole journey.

What is the refund policy?

We offer 30 day return and refund policy, the item must be returned in its original condition. 
You can contact after sales if you have a problem with your scooter here:

Is there a warranty?

Yes a 24 month manufacturer warranty on the AOVO PRO Electric Scooter
You can contact after sales if you have a problem with your scooter here: 

Are electric unicycles legal?

Only on private land with the owners consent, however we expect them to be legalised by the end of 2021

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