24 Month Warranty

The warranty covers the motor, battery, charger, frame, mudguards, computer.

Monday to Friday After Sales Care

After Sales Care is available Monday to Friday for warranty enquiries 

Fully Tested before dispatch

We perform a checklist test before your e-scooter is dispatched. 

Free & Fast Delivery

Quick delivery with Yodel.co.uk, and full tracking notifications along the way.

Manual, Tools, Charger Included

95% already assembled in the box. 

Can be  unlocked to go over 20mph

Search on Youtube ' aovo pro speed unlocking'

Kugoo M2 Pro Electric Scooter
If you're looking for a green mode of transport that's quick and sturdy to get you from A to B then check out the Kugoo M2 Pro Electric Scooter. Allowing you to glide in and out of traffic with ease and grace.
Key Features:
  • 25 Km/h Speed 
  • Up to 30 Km Range 
  • Dual Brake System 
  • Foldable Sleek and Stylish Design 
  • Front and Rear Safety lights 
  • Bluetooth for use with Kugoo APP
Nippy and Sturdy

The 350-watt motor propels this e-scooter up to 25 Km/h which allows you to safely navigate the urban streets. And thanks to its three speed modes you can match your speed to the conditions. Fully in control.

The 7.5Ah battery allows a full round trip of 30 Km! Meaning that you can use this electric scooter as your daily mode of transport.

What's more, it can take a maximum payload of 120 Kg, enough for your shopping and gym gear.

Safety to the Max
The Kugoo M2 Pro Electric Scooter arrives loaded with plenty of safety features meaning your scooter experience is secure as well as fun. A pair of 8.5" Wear-resistant tyres hold to the road with ease, even if it is wet. Thanks to its designed tread pattern. Front and rear shock absorbers deliver ultimate ride comfort. All smooth sailing along the open road.
Braking System
 Bringing the Kugoo M2 Pro to a stop has never been easier with the dual braking system. An electric brake at the front with a disc and footbrake at the back means that you're fully in control. What's more, this scooter has a bright LED front light and flashing rear LED red brake lights. Connect to the app and get all the stats of your journey including ride statistics, battery status, and more! A serious mode of green transport for the fanatics and lovers of the electric scooter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is delivery?

The AOVO Pro delivery is 1 to 2 business days and we use Yodel.co.uk
We will send you a delivery confirmation email once dispatched with the tracking number and courier so you can track it the whole journey.

What is the refund policy?

We offer 30 day return and refund policy, the item must be returned in its original condition. 
You can contact after sales if you have a problem with your scooter here:

Is there a warranty?

Yes a 24 month manufacturer warranty on the AOVO PRO Electric Scooter
You can contact after sales if you have a problem with your scooter here: 

Are electric scooters legal?

Only on private land with the owners consent, however we expect them to be legalised by the end of 2021

How do i Pay Later with Klarna?

Firstly add your item to the cart, then go to checkout and fill out your details, then continue to payment page where you will be able to select Klarna
Klarna FAQs can be found here

How do i Pay Later with Payl8r?

Firstly add your item to the cart, then click on the Payl8r option
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