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Xiaomi Mi 3 Adult Electric Scooter - 25KPH SPEED - 30KM RANGE - 600W MOTOR - 24 Month Warranty

A modern electric scooter needs a modern rider. Loaded with all the latest tech, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter is the future of single-person transport. Daily adventurers apply here.

What else is in the box?
Charger (UK & EU Adapter included)
24 Month Warranty

24 Month Warranty

The warranty covers the motor, battery, charger, frame, mudguards, computer.

Monday to Friday After Sales Care

After Sales Care is available Monday to Friday for warranty enquiries 

Fully Tested before dispatch

We perform a checklist test before your e-scooter is dispatched. 

Free & Fast Delivery

Quick delivery with Parcelforce, and full tracking notifications along the way.

Manual, Tools, Charger Included

95% already assembled in the box. 

25KPH Speed - 30 KM Range

with a 600W Brushless Motor

Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric scooter
Modern Electric Scooter Design  
One of the most eco-friendly forms of transport available today, the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter delivers a clean green ride full to the max with all the latest technology.  
Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter for adults
Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter Key Features:  
  • 25 Km/h Speed 
  • up to 30 Km Range 
  • 600 Watt Brushless DC motor 
  • Fast Folding in 3 Seconds that Locks 
  • Duo Electric and Disc Brakes 
  • Made from Low-Density, High-strength Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy 
  • Modern Electric Scooter Design 
  • App Available  
Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter cheap
Modern Electric Scooter Adventuring  
The Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter arrives with a powerful 600 Watt Brushless DC motor, offering up a competent top speed of 25 Km/h plus a decent 30 km on a single charge.

And when the traffic builds up, you can drop the maximum speeds down to 20 and 5 Km/h allowing safer riding.

Thanks to a gradient climb of 14%, hills are a piece of cake.  
Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter UK
Solid Lightweight Construction  
Thanks to its low-density, high-strength aerospace-grade aluminium alloy frame the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter delivers a sturdy and confident ride. 

What's more, the Xiaomi Mi 3 can be quickly folded down and locked in 3 seconds. Perfect for transporting about.  
Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter for adults pay monthly
Solid Scooter Safety  
The Xiaomi Mi 3 arrives with a pair of front and back brakes. Activating at the same time, the E-ABS anti-lock brake system at the front wheel and a modern dual-pad disc brake at the back. This combination makes sure your electric scooter stops safely and quickly when you need it to.  

Get full corner control thanks to a pair of puncture-resistant 8.5" Pneumatic tyres. The increased durability of these tyres means they'll last a lot longer than standard tyres. Offering a clear and bump-free ride.  
Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter for adults uk
Going green, Kinetic energy
This scooter also comes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). When you brake or release the throttle while driving the energy conversion is more efficient, and the battery life isn't compromised. It can also recover the kinetic energy of each braking and non-powered coasting, and convert it into usable electrical energy upping the range of the scooter. This is controlled through the Xiaomi Mi 3 app.
Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter for adults Klarna
Bright Display and Smart App Enabled  
A multi-functional display offers clear information such as speed, speed mode, power, and lock status, sitting in a clear view between the handlebars. You can also download the app which updates the firmware, delivers rider stats, BlueTooth, energy recovery and remote locking.  
Xiaomi Mi 3 electric scooter for adults Electric Scooter
Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter Specs:  
  • Type: Adult Electric Scooter
  • Max Speed: 25 Km/h (15.5 Mph)
  • Three Different Speed Modes
  • Max Range per Charge: Up to 30 Km
  • Max Load: 100 Kg
  • Motor Power: 600 Watts
  • Tyres: 8.5" Pneumatic Puncture Resistant Tyres
  • Charging Time: 5.5 Hours Max 
  • Climbing Gradient: 14%
  • Product Weight: 13.2 Kg
  • Unfolded: 113 x 43 x 118 cm (L x W x H)
  • Folded: 113 x 43 x 49 cm (L x W x H)  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is delivery?

The Xiaomi Mi 3 delivery is 3 to 4 business days and we use Parcelforce.co.uk
We will send you a delivery confirmation email once dispatched with the tracking number and courier so you can track it the whole journey.

What is the refund policy?

We offer 30 day return and refund policy, the item must be returned in its original condition. 
You can contact after sales if you have a problem with your scooter here:

Is there a warranty?

Yes a 24 month manufacturer warranty on the Xiaomi Mi 3 Electric Scooter
You can contact after sales if you have a problem with your scooter here: 

Are electric scooters legal?

Only on private land with the owners consent, however we expect them to be legalised by the end of 2021

How do i Pay Later with Klarna?

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Klarna FAQs can be found here

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