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What is The Electric Future?

November 12, 2021 4 min read

What is The Electric Future? | Electric Future UK

What is The Electric Future?

From electric scooters to electric unicycles, we look at the company The Electric Future and find out what they do in-depth.

The Electric Future of Personal Transport

As the world turns, countries across the world are becoming more and more eco-friendly. From renewable energy sources such as wind power to switch to a more plant-based diet right through to the cars we buy, like the famed Tesla. The world is slowly changing. Although we're all trying our best to be more green, it's probably not enough at the moment. So we need to do more.

As folk become more carbon-free conscious they're turning their back on their cars and turning to more alternative modes of transport such as the electric scooter. The humble bicycle was everyone's ride of choice for while. However, not everyone likes pedalling. So the electric bike came along. For those of you that have health issues or aren't quite up to a full pedal bike situation, the electric bike is perfect.

Now we have electric scooters which are currently being trialled as hire schemes in different cities, not only across the UK but across the world. They're proving to be popular and are gaining momentum as the personal transport of choice.

Who is The Electric Future?

At the Electric Future, they had a lightbulb moment when founder and owner Marc Best moved to Brighton. After falling into the beach way of life it was his many walks along Brighton's lush beachside and looking out to sea at its wind farms that gave him the inspiration to create 'The Electric Future' an e-commerce company that solely sold electric scooters, before expanding out into hoverboards, electric bikes and coming soon, the intriguing electric unicycles.

Marc has a vision that personal transport will be overhauled and more people will turn to electric personal vehicles, such as the electric scooter. At the moment only the electric scooter hire scheme scooters are allowed on public roads. These trails are determining the rules and regulations for when personal electric scooters will be allowed to be ridden on public roads.

What do they sell?

So, what does 'The Electric Future' actually sell? That's easy, they sell personal electric scooters, electric bikes, hoverboards, and electric unicycles. If it can be ridden and has a battery and motor. They will sell it. They’re also the experts on everything that’s electric and has one or two wheels!

Starting off with electric scooters and hoverboards, the electric future company has dived into all forms of electric transport adding electric bikes and electric unicycles to their repertoire.

It's these electric foundations that Marc has built up the electric future to be a great success.

Electric Scooters

Couple sitting with two electric scooters

An electric scooter is a motorized scooter that is powered by a battery. You stand up, steer and brake. It's as easy as that. Of course, that is the most simplified version of what an electric scooter is. They tend to be a bit more! The Xiaomi MI 3 Electric Scooter and AOVO Pro 2 M365 Electric Scooter are two popular models.

They tend to have a top speed of around 25 Km/h and have a range from a modest 20 Km right up to a silly 40 Km and beyond! Whether you're an occasional electric scooter daily adventurer or a serious rider, there is an electric scooter for you.

They usually arrive loaded with a ton of features. Treaded anti-skid tyres, Dual brakes (Including disc brakes) Front and rear lights, adjustable handlebars, and a bright LED display.

Not only do you get all of those features, but most electric scooters also have an app associated with each scooter. These apps offer extra features such as allowing you to track your ride distance, change your ride speed, or even play music. They're a tech-heads dream.

With rules and regulations being discussed and worked out by the UK Government, you'll soon be seeing more personal electric scooters on the road.

Electric Bicycles

Man Riding an Electric Bike Side View

An electric bike looks like a regular bicycle. Similar frame, handlebars, pedals, wheels, you get the picture. Similar to electric scooters, they arrive with a battery and a motor which you can use to fully propel you along. Or if you like a bit of exercise, you can use the motor to assist your pedalling. Half motor, half pedal. You can fully pedal them, like a regular bike, use the pedal assist option, where you pedal but the motor works with you, and of course, fully Electric. Where no pedalling is required! Like this Fiido D4S electric bike, which can both pedal and is fully propelled.

Over the years, they've become increasingly popular with everybody. From those that might not have the right amount of puff to pedal all the time to those that use it to commute to work every day and don't want to arrive with a sweaty shirt. Nobody needs that in a meeting!

Unlike electric scooters, they're fully legal on the roads. Which is great if the electric bike is your thing!


Angled View of a HM2 Off-road Hoverboard

For the younger rider, we do a range of hoverboards. A hoverboard is a two-wheeled electric vehicle that you stand upon. It can go forward and backwards left and right. You can even spin on the spot. Bluetooth your phone to it and you can play your favourite tunes. Great for fun and balance.

They tend to have limited range and speed designed more for fun than commuting to the office. Check the HM2 Off-Road Electric Hoverboard, designed for the off-roader!

Electric Unicycles

View of the Inmotion V8 Electric Unicycle

You're mad, I hear you say. Well, no. Now at the Electric Future Online Store will be a range of electric unicycles. Yup, I said it. Electric unicycle. Similar to hoverboards A self-balancing motorized unicycle that propels you along at speed. The most fun you'll have on one wheel. Some of these are fully customizable, such as the Inmotion V8F Electric Unicycle, where you can create your own colour designs as you ride along.

The Electric Future future

Whichever electric vehicle is your bag, the electric Future has it covered. Whether you're straight down the middle electric scooter fan, an electric bike commuter, or a daredevil electric unicycle rider the electric future has it all!

Whenever a new personal electric transport lands, you can be assured that Marc and the team will be the people to come and see!

Cam Baxter
Cam Baxter

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