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The Green European Scooter Revolution

April 26, 2021 2 min read

The Green European Scooter Revolution | Electric Future UK

The Electric Scooter revolution is coming fast. Well, about 25 kph, as that's what these e-scooters average as a top speed. Whether they're electric scooters for adults or electric scooter for kids, everyone is getting in on the e-scooter action.

Why? Well, like the rise of an electric vehicle such asTesla everyone is fighting for greener and cleaner ways to get around and travel cleanly from A to B.

Scooter Rules UK

Electric scooters, such as theT9 Electric Scooter, are legal in many countries in Europe and they're running trials in the UK in cities such as Brighton and Liverpool with hire schemes firms like Vois Scooters that use apps to allow you to hire the scooters on the spot. The government is using this data to build legislation to make them legal, hopefully! 
Currently, in the UK, you're only allowed to hire electric scooters, as part of the City hire schemes they're trialling. Personal bought e-scooters are only allowed to ride on private land.
The current laws, here laid out bySlater and Gordon, in the UK is a bit fuzzy, but hopefully, the future will see the light and we'll see be thegreen and clean electric scooters revolution happen soon


The E-Scooter movement in Europe

Well, in Europe, where electric scooters are allowed, they seem to be progressing a little further. But that all depends on what European city you're in. 
For example in the Netherlands, in the Dutch city of Roermond, they're increasing the size of the wheel from 8" to 16" purely because of potholes. Which makes sense. 
In Germany 2019, where Electric Scooters are legal, police caught a lot of intoxicated e-scooter riders at the country's annualOktoberfest. Many of these caught lost their licenses. Quite rightly so!
You could say though that being in charge of an electric bike or even a pedal bike intoxicated is just as bad, or even worse, a motor vehicle.


The Future of E-Scooters in Europe

The trials in the UK seem to be heading in the right direction, and if proper legislation and e-scooter law are brought in companies that specialise in the manufacturer and sale of these vehicles will benefit. As will we all, with its clean green scooter footprint.
Bird, a micro-mobility company based in Santa Monica, California, has future plans to invest over£100 Million pounds into 50 European citieswith its fleet of Bird Electric Scooters. As well as one of the first to participate inNew York E-Scooter hire trials in the Bronx in the spring.
A low-cost transport option, opening up the world.
With some hills to climb and some potholes to avoid, the electric scooter journey is long and electric. There are certainly some glimmers of light, as Europe opens its heart to the use of scooters, the UK will surely follow. Along the road, at about 15 mph.


Cameron Baxter
Cameron Baxter

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