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The Top 5 Best Electric Scooters | Electric Future UK

The Top 5 Best Electric Scooters

by Cam Baxter July 04, 2021 7 min read 0 Comments

We're gathering the top 5 best electric scooters that tick all the boxes and offer the ultimate electric scooter experience. We'll look at all the features and really narrow down what it takes to be the ultimate electric scooter!

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular across the world. Offering a fun, quick, and green way of getting from A to B. More UK Cities are taking up Electric Scooter hire schemes, such as Vois in Liverpool. Making them extremely accessible for everyone. Cutting traffic and vehicles emissions in the largest of UK cities.

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The Green European Scooter Revolution | Electric Future UK

The Green European Scooter Revolution

by Cameron Baxter April 26, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

Electric scooters, such as the T9 Electric Scooter, are legal in many countries in Europe and they're running trials in the UK in cities such as Brighton and Liverpool with hire schemes firms like Vois Scooters that use apps to allow you to hire the scooters on the spot. The government is using this data to build legislation to make them legal, hopefully! 

Currently, in the UK, you're only allowed to hire electric scooters, as part of the City hire schemes they're trialling. Personal bought e-scooters are only allowed to ride on private land.

The current laws, here laid out by Slater and Gordon, in the UK is a bit fuzzy, but hopefully, the future will see the light and we'll see be the green and clean electric scooters revolution happen soon


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